Eco travel is made easier in Europe and the UK by the range of services for public transportation. Travelling by bus or train, or walking or biking typically means a reduced carbon print, compared with renting a car. Thankfully, these greener forms of travel are fairly easy to accomplish in the UK.


There is a vast network of rail links throughout the UK, making it possible to travel to many tourist destinations by train. Trains are, for the most part, very clean and orderly. It certainly beats the hassle of driving on unfamiliar roads through throngs of traffic, particularly around London.

Not all train routes in the UK are run by the same company. Therefore, you may need to visit different company websites depending on the region you are visiting. However, the website below makes it simple. It includes links to relevant train companies throughout Britain. Eco travel has become very high tech, as you can pre-book your tickets online. This can mean a significant savings to buying at the station. In addition, buying early can save you money.


Most major British cities, including London and Edinburgh, include a regular and far-reaching bus service. Buses can sometimes be a challenge to decipher. However, a good tour book on the city can help you to use the buses. Also, see the Visit Britain website above for more information. Keep in mind that you need to keep exact change for the fare, so stock up on pound and pence coins.


Britons love to walk and why not? It is an extremely eco friendly way to travel and see the sights. Plus, walking is good for your health. Stick to routes which you know are safe and easy to get around. London can be challenging with its twisting roads and side alleys. Get a good tourist map to help you and don’t go anywhere that seems like it could be unsafe. Many British cities have large parks for walking.

As well, hill walking is a popular way to see the British countryside. Importantly, stick to known, safe routes with a good guide. Some people don’t realize how treacherous the landscape can be. Others are unaware of the risks posed by the weather and low temperatures. Many wild parts of Britain can be very dangerous; therefore, always stick to a safe route.


There are many recognized bike trails in the UK. See the Visit Britain website above for more information on getting around Britain by bike.

Eco friendly travel in Britain is thankfully accessible for many tourists. Not only is it better for the environment, but ‘getting around’ in an eco friendly way lets you see more of the sights.