Are you getting ready to repatriate back to the UK with your foreign-born spouse? While repatriation can be an exciting prospect for those who have lived abroad for a number of years, there are challenges that foreign-born spouses will encounter along the way. What can you do to support your spouse with UK immigration?

Offer Practical Support During the Visa Application

Applying for a UK visa can be complicated and overwhelming when you are not sure about where to begin and what is expected of you from the UK Border Agency. Be on hand to help your spouse research the visa application process thoroughly and then be on hand to help them complete the appropriate form.

Having a second pair of eyes and ears to help your spouse through the visa application process will alleviate much of the pressure and stress. Search for, and compile, supporting documentation, make sure your spouse has the correct photograph dimensions and then provide support during the actual application.

Listen to Your Spouse’s Concerns

Do you remember what life was like when you first moved abroad? You likely felt overwhelmed, apprehensive and nervous about the immigration process facing you. Even though you may now be excited at the prospect of going back home, stop to consider how your spouse must be feeling about the upcoming move. Do not assume that he is dealing with the move as well as you. Talk to your spouse and allow him the opportunity to express himself. You may be surprised at what you hear!

Keep Track of Dates

When a UK visa is issued, there will be a validity and expiration date on the visa vignette. Take note of the date and make sure your spouse only enters the country within the validity period of their visa. With the upheaval and stress of the move, it can be easy to overlook simple details such as these. But if your spouse tries to enter the country before the validity period of their visa, they will be denied entry into the UK.

UK immigration is stressful for all concerned, least of all for the actual applicant. If your spouse has to navigate UK immigration, make sure you are right there with them and that you go through the whole process as a team. Doing so will do much to help relieve you and your spouse of the pressures of your upcoming move.

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